How To Improve Your Relationship With The One You Love

Improve Your Relationship

So the question is, why do 50% of relationship fail?

“No man is an island” even Adam the father of mankind needs an Eve to be of aid to him. It is a fact that we cannot live in this world alone and thus we need “somebody to lean on” according to a famous song. This is the very foundation of relationships; relationships are made so that you can have someone who can give you a glimpse of happiness and aid you at times of trouble wherein of course you are also expected to do the same thing.

Improve Your RelationshipOne of the best feelings in this world is the feeling of being in love; the feeling that someone is taking care of you, and is concern with your every move. Love is and should be the foundation of every relationships, thus if relationships “cool down” it is such a pain in the neck for anyone who is in that position; Since, love is also said to be the most powerful driving force in this world which can give you the feeling of either extreme happiness or grave sadness.

So, why do relationships fail? How does something that seems so right in the beginning is now “falling into pieces?” Technically, there are numerous reasons that might end up in either the “cool down” or “total wreckage” of a relationship, but what’s important is you will be able to recognize that something is wrong and rectify it as early as possible to be able to improve your relationship with the other person.

How To Improve Your Intimate Relationship and Date With Your Destiny

There are innumerable books as well as articles, both printed and electronic, which discuses ways on how to improve your relationship with your loved ones, how to set goals in relationship so we have shortlisted them in a way that might help you best in our perception.

1. Maintain communication

Communication is very important in every relationship. The lack of communication usually ignites the biggest problems in a relationship that result to either divorce or break-up. It is best to have some sort of “sweet talk” with your partner every once in a while. Asking “how was your day?” every now and then will go a long way.

Remember the first week when you fall in love? How did it feel? How much communication did you spend for the other person. Keep doing it! In fact, Tony Robbins said at Date With Destiny event, that if you treat the other person like it’s in the beginning of the relationship, there won’t be an end.

2. Give some space

It is important that you give your partner his/her own personal space while you are staying inside a relationship. Giving your loved ones a bit of privacy will not only prove that you trust him, it will also make the other person feel less “tied” and “suffocated” since these kind of feelings can also ruin the relationship as a whole.

3. Don’t be insensitive and indifferent

Too much familiarity often destroys even the bests of relationships. Always ask if your partner is okay and be aware if there is a change in your partner’s attitude for the day and ask what happened, in this way you will not only make the other person feel better you will also make her feel loved by listening to her problems.

4. Stay by your side

Time comes in a relationship that you are asked to choose between the one you love and other factors or people. As much as possible, considering what’s best for the both of you, stay at your partner side this will make you stronger- together.

5. Be positive

Being positive can also help you look at the bright side of the problem and focus on the solution instead of what the other person did you make you unhappy. Learning to stay positive in any circumstance is a skill everyone needs to have.

All of these being said, still the best way to improve your relationship with anyone is to keep the love burning! Because no matter how eager you are in following these methodologies along with others just to improve your relationship with your partner, if love is already lost, all of these will all be useless.